OpenLiveWriter Version Of Syntax Highlighter Plugin Available Now

In case you hadn’t heard the excellent Windows Live Writer has gone Open Source and is being kept alive by the community. It’s now called OpenLiveWriter. This is great news as it is a really useful tool, used by many, that was looking like being left to die by Microsoft. For more information check out these links:

Scott Hanselman’s post:

The .Net Foundations post:

The official OpenLiveWriter blog is here:

These are very early days for OpenLiveWriter and it looks like it will go through some changes as it evolves, including the way that it handles plugins. Despite the expectation that a lot will break through this evolution I have worked on updating my Syntax Hightlighting plugin for to work with OpenLiveWriter.

Updating the plugin to work with OpenLiveWriter was fairly straight forward thanks to the OpenLiveWriter SDK NuGet Package which can be found here:

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