Second Level Cache for EF 6.1

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Currently Entity Framework does not natively support second level caching. For pre-EF6 versions you could use EF Caching Provider Wrapper but due to changes to the EF provider model in EF6 it does not work with newest versions of EF. In theory it would be possible to recompile the old caching provider against EF6 but, unfortunately, this would not be sufficient. A number of new features breaking some assumptions made in the old caching provider (e.g. support for passing an open connection when instantiating a new context) have been introduced in EF6 resulting in the old caching provider not working correctly in these scenarios. Also dependency injection and Code-based Configuration introduced in EF6 simplify registering wrapping providers which was rather cumbersome (especially for Code First) in the previous versions. To fill the gap I created the Second Level Cache for EF…

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