Customize a slider in WPF, Step by Step Tutorial

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Today let us explore how to customize a slider control in WPF. I have seen a lot of explanation and looked many articles on net about the slider, but i got the the better idea about it only when I implemented it in my own way.
Let me share the same step by step method with you all.

Download Source (7.8 Kb)

So lets begin, First create a WpfApplication in VS2008 and insert a slider control in the grid layout.Open the designer and click on the XAML view. You will see the below code.

Now lets apply style to the thumb and name it as CustomThumbForSlider, below is the implementation.


Great, i.e The important thing that makes the slider control is the IncreaseRepeatButton and DecreaseRepeatButton, when clicked on ends they decrease in the size to the amount of the Tickbar value making the other button grow in size and…

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