The Math Converter

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Quite often I have wanted to adjust a bound value in my XAML by a mathematical formula.

For example, I might want to size a control to 50% of it’s parent’s size. Or I’ll want to position it 30% down and 20% left of a parent panel. Or I might even want to make a control’s width something like 50% of (WindowHeight – 200). Of course, I could always write converters for this, but I got tired of doing that repeatedly so sat down one day to write one big MathConverter.

Using the Math Converter

Using the MathConverter is simple. All you have to do is pass the Converter a math equation as the ConverterParameter, substituting @VALUE for your bound value. The equation can consist of numbers, basic operators (+, -, *, /, %), parentheses, and @VALUE.

For example, if you wanted a control whose height was 50% of the…

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