Differences between Label and TextBlock

Josh Smith on WPF

I always thought it was odd that WPF has both TextBlock and Label.  They both are responsible for displaying a small amount of text.  Every piece of documentation about Label I have read justifies its existence by mentioning that it allows for access keys (a.k.a. mnemonics).  Access keys allow you to hit Alt + SomeKey to quickly interact with a control in the UI, such as hitting Alt + O to click an “OK” button.  My thought has been, “Why not just add support for access keys to TextBlock and get rid of Label?”

Recently I discovered some reasons why it makes sense for Label to exist.  The rest of this blog post sheds some light on that obscure topic.  Throughout this blog post we will refer to a demo application which looks like this when you first run it:

Label vs TextBlock (initial UI)

The “Username:” text is a TextBlock and the “Password:” text…

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Auto-Select First Item Using XAML for Selector-Derived Controls (ListBox, ListView, TabControl, etc)



When your application has a control on it that derives from Selector and has no items on load nothing is selected. During run-time when the user is clicking around and adds items to the Selector-derived control, you would assume that the control would automatically select the first item because that only makes sense. However, your assumption and mine would be wrong; this is not the behavior at all. Instead the selector will still have no items selected. This means in order to get this “auto-select first item” behavior, you have to do it yourself. Luckily its an easy fix as shown below.

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