Loading Images Asynchronously in WPF

Marzio Pattano .Net Blog

in this posts I am going to present a nice control I developed for asynchronously loading image using WPF.
This control is implemented into the PhotoLoader DLL and all the available functionalities are tested into a test client that is included into the solution. You can download PhotoLoder and Test client here.

If you try to load a lot of big images directly via Image’s Source property you will notice that your application will stuck. Performances became better when you load images via BitmapFrame and using the Thumbnail property, however not all images have embedded Thumbnail and, even if your images have it, your application will not responsive during loading.

I developed an additional attached property to be used with WPF Image and that allows Images to be loaded asynchronously by a background Thread. I put this property and others into the PhotoLoader DLL that can…

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