A simple Library to Build a Deep Zoom Image

Jim Lynn

My current project requires a lot of work with Deep Zoom images. We recently received some very high-res photos, around 500M tiff files, some of which Deep Zoom Composer was unable to process. My first thought was to split them into smaller pieces and compose them together, but this led to visible join lines when processed, possibly due to rounding issues.

I’d already written some code to generate parts of a much larger deep zoom image, which was focused on building or rebuilding a small portion of much larger composition (over 2.5 million tiles in total) but it wasn’t quite ready to build a whole DZI.

So I took the bits of the code I needed and put them in a class by themselves. It’s very simple, and only designed to take a single source image and create a deep zoom tileset which can then be used by Silverlight.


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