Understanding and Troubleshooting Memory Leaks with SysInternals


I get this feeling I’ve started on the wrong foot when I titled this post “Troubleshooting Memory Leaks”. In fact, it should be rather “Debugging Memory Leaks” as the difference is obvious! TIP FROM ME AND FOR FREE When you are Troubleshooting you are trying things whith hope you will spot the problem. Debugging you are actually understanding the problem and go right to a solution. It saves time per say Piscadela

As an Engineer I’ve been Debugging memory leaks for a few years now, but you don’t need much insight to spot it. In a previous post I’ve demonstrated how we could use Debug Diagnostics tool from MSFT to debug memory leaks: Memory Leak in JScript code Internet Explorer 6.

Now I’m going to use SysInternals Tools and the help from the debugger to hunt them out.

First a little insight on Memory Leaks flavors:

-=- Memory Leaks -=-
* Process…

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