Troubleshooting the System process (CPU Spikes)


Before addressing the issue at hand it is best to get familiar with the Systemprocess and what makes it so unique in comparison.

SystemProcess and Threads 

The Systemprocess (PID 8 in Windows 2000 and process ID 4 in Windows XP; Vista and Windows 2003) houses kernel-mode system threads. System threads have all the attributes and contexts and are similar to regular user-mode threads, however they run only in kernel-mode. System threads don’t have a user process address space and thus must allocate any dynamic info from OS system memory heaps, such as a paged or nonpaged pool.

The Systemprocess is not bound to an executable image like any other process. It’s existence serves OS threads for Windows subsystems and device drivers as well. So if you notice CPU Spikes around the corner with the Systemprocess it could well be a misbehaving device driver.


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