Using MS Project Server for Resource Management

Why use MS Project Server for Resource Management


One of the consistent struggles of working in a “standalone” project management environment is the fact that you do not have visibility of the “total picture” associated with resources. Resource loading in MS Project provides visibility of resource utilization vs. capacity on your project – not across all resource commitments (e.g., other projects and operational activities). You can utilize the “max units %” to reflect that a resource is something less than 100% available to the project, but this information is only relevant if it is regularly reviewed and updated.

In my opinion, the most significant benefit associated with Enterprise Project Management tools such as MS Project Server, is providing enterprise wide visibility of planned resource utilization vs. capacity. As a by-product of maintaining resource loaded project and operational schedules within MS Project Server, up-to-date resource utilization information is available in a very flexible and easy to access and consume…

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Step by Step: Install, configure, and Deploy Project Server 2013 – Part 1: Overview and Prepare for a deployment of Project Server 2013

Good tutorial for beiginer

Ali Nimer Mustafa

There are many distributed articles and posts to install and/or deploy Project Server 2013, and I desire to write a full instructions for how to install, configure, and deploy Project Server 2013 step by step using best practices and testing what’s on the internet on my server. And put it all in one place to make it an easy reference for me and my followers.

This Article contains 5 Parts as following:

  1. Part 1: Overview and Prepare for a deployment of Project Server 2013
  2. Part 2: Install and Configure Project Server 2013
  3. Part 3: Configure Project Server 2013 Application Service
  4. Part 4: Deploy Project Web App with a new site collection – Project Server 2013
  5. Part 5: Deploy Project Web App in an existing site collection – Project Server 2013


Project Server 2013 enables organizations to get started, prioritize project portfolio investments, and deliver with the intended business value…

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